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Hi + Welcome!


I'm Zoe, a Gold Coast Photographer + I'm crazy

grateful to have you here.

If you're anything like me, then you know that

time can fly, like seriously FLY, you blink once

and time has past.

The kids. One minute they're in a baby bonnet

and the next a baseball cap.

Your Lover. You hook up, life is dreamy + carefree.

Years pass by + those laughter lines are a little

deeper, grey hairs are creeping in, Sunday mornings are spent sipping coffee on your morning stroll and gone are the days of constant hangovers.

Your Pregnancy. One week you're announcing it to the world, the next you're in the birthing suite, squeezing your partners hand so tightly that it's beginning to turn fifty shades of purple.

Something that I learnt a while ago, is that these beautiful, yet fleeting moments are so sacred, they can be snatched away in a second + the craziest thing is that we may not even remember them in years to come.

So, I'm here to help you with that. I'm here to tell your story.

Allow me to find your dream location on the Gold Coast and beyond. 

I'll be here to offer you styling advice + pieces to loan from my own client wardrobe.

I will offer you guidance throughout your session + then stand back to capture your magical moments.

You create the story + allow me to tell it for you.

If you'd love to know a little more about me, then I'd love to share it with you, simply read on here

Zoe-Marie Photography - Gold Coast Family Photographer

"Not only is Zoe an awesome photographer, she is also very kind + makes the experience that much more enjoyable"

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