Time to Breathe

Hello and Thankyou for joining me. As 2021 begins to unfold, I've decided to shake myself off, jump on in and to share more of my stories.

As we all know, the year 2020 was the most difficult time that many of us have ever had to endure. We've suffered trauma, lost jobs, careers have faltered, homes have been taken away + many lives have been lost, lives of those we love the most in this world. Relationships have been tarnished, hearts have been broken and many people, the world over have been infected by the virus that is Covid-19.

We have entered this year, the year of 2021 with a new hope. Hope for a brighter future, for the vaccinations that have been put into play to work wonders, we have been given the chance to drive across borders once more, to be able to hug loved ones and to open our hearts to a kinder, more understanding and a more compassionate race of mankind.

NewbornPhotoshoot. Gold Coast Newborn Photographer.

One of my first photoshoots of the year was here on the Gold Coast, documenting the new life of baby Monty. This beautiful bundle of joy has entered the world as a tiny brother to Albie, who is already playing the role of protector and best friend. Witnessing this unconditional love, capturing such precious connections, documenting these moments is not only an honour for me, it brings me the greatest of joy. This joy continues long after the session that we share. It continues during my editing process, then as I send my clients a sneak peak of their gallery, it continues as I receive their feedback and their choices of which images shall be printed. It continues as I receive these prints and with delicate care, wrap them and ship them off. To be treasured, for now and for an eternity.

For those of you that have already trusted me with this process, Thankyou! For those of you that are considering having your story documented, there is no better time than the now. I would love to hear from you and I would be honoured to capture your precious moments.

Wishing you all, love, joy, health and hope for a brighter year ahead and for new stories to unfold.

Love + Hugs, Zoe-Marie

Zoe-Marie Photography

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