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Guide to Preparing for a Newborn Session

A well fed, sleepy baby is always a dream to photograph. This is why we aim to schedule your session within the first 1-2 weeks.

There are times when this may not work, so before your session, I ask if you can feed your baby and give yourself some rest. I mean, who doesn't love wasting time enjoying newborn baby snuggles?

The Day Before

- have a think about which rooms in your home receive the best light

- place some linen on your bed that is a light colour, so as not to reflect colour casts onto yourself or your babies skin

- have a tidy up and maybe place some special framed photos nearby, or some grey from the garden

- send me some images of the rooms you have a preference for 

- try to keep clear of any clutter within your space

- let me know if you'd like to bring anything from my client wardrobe, you can view this here


Before I arrive

- allow bub to enjoy a nice warm bath

- give bub a long feed to fill their tummy

- allow yourself some time to relax, enjoy a warm cuppa and think about how beautiful these images will be and how treasured they will be for years and generations to come

- if you have other children and they will be home, remember to focus on them when you can, feed them up and entertain them with their favourite thing to do, whether that's sitting down colouring in, reading their favourite book or watching their favourite show

- remember the reason I'm there, to help create some incredible images and lend a hand with creating some calm


Once I'm there

- I'll bring along some knits and blankets and a portable cushion cot

- I'll also bring with me a portable heater to keep bub warm, so will need to plug that in somewhere

- if bub is fussing, please do not worry, i have blocked out 2-3 hours of my time, to work on baby time, there is no rush


Time to get excited! I cannot wait to meet you and your precious new baby!

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