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Guide to preparing for your
Family Photosession

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During the lead up to your photoshoot, allow yourself some time to get yourself prepared and to allow the session to run more smoothly. Here's a few top tips to help you on your way

The Day of your session

- make sure your children have full tummies

- if they still take a daytime nap, then allow them plenty of time to do so, or at least allow them time to rest beforehand

- bring along some spare sets of clothes, in the possibility of an accident happening

- bring bottled water, snacks, wipes and spare nappies (if needed)

- ensure you are all wearing comfortable clothing

- ensure any snacks you bring aren't messy snacks, for example cut up apple or popcorn, plain biscuits, steer clear of anything that could stain

- aero guard can be useful for field or bushland sessions

- if bribery is something you use, then bribe away

- if a soft toy or blank will help comfort your little one, feel free to bring it along


During your session

- remember your little ones may run wild and this is ok, I'll capture their playful and candid moments and these can be some of the best

- keep an open mind and enjoy the moment

- bring an adventurous and playful mind

- remember to snuggle and smooch as much as you like, intimacy is the sweetest

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