One of the most magical stories in our lives, will be the day we marry our soulmate. Every Wedding Day is unique and tailored to your dream day. Some say "I do" in back yards, some in a chapel, maybe at your favourite headland or even a forest amongst the Pine Trees. Your wedding may be small and intimate or large and exquisite, but whatever path you take will creates your own beautiful story.


For me, photographing your special day and capturing those precious moments is both an honour and a delight.


Just as your wedding day is unique to you, your photographs should be too. This is why I offer a variety of packages to suit each + every one of you. Whether you would like a few hours based around the magic of the ceremony, or whether you choose to have as many details of as many moments of the day caught on camera to tell your story, whether you would love to flick through a beautiful and grand album or view your images digitally, have an additional photographer to capture those other angles and extra details or even to trash your dress following the wedding. Whatever you like, the choice is yours. 

Sol Gardens Garden and Bridge-128.jpg

Satin  - $1500

If your wish for your wedding day, is a small + intimate ceremony, maybe even a beautiful elopement, then I can provide you

with  2-3 hours of my time

You will receive approx 100 artistically edited images delivered to your very own personal gallery I will also include one 8x12 enlargement of your choice, plus ten 7x5 prints.

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Silk  - $2200 


For the lovers out there who are dreaming of having a smaller part of their day captured, I can offer 4-5 hours of my time

You will also receive approx 200 artistically edited images delivered digitally to your very own personal gallery, including your choice of three 8 x 12 enlargements, plus 15 smaller 7 x 5 prints.

Lace  - $3000


Providing you with 6-8 hours of my time, I can follow you both throughout your day, from the moment the blush is applied to your cheeks, through to the loving kiss you share during your first dance.

You will receive approx 300 artistically edited  images, delivered to your very own personal gallery, including your choice of five 8 x 12 enlargements and 25 smaller 7 x 5 fine art prints.