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Time of Day


For those soft golden glows and warm skin tones, I like to schedule my outdoor sessions during sunrise or sunset, known as Golden hour.

For sunrise, golden hour begins around 15 minutes before the sun rises above the horizon and lasts for approximately an hour afterwards.

For sunset, we work in reverse, we would begin our session around an hour before the sunsets and work into blue hour, where the sky melts into many beautiful shades of pink and purple.

I understand that this time of day may be a little bit tricky, with small children, but it will also create the most flattering of portraits, whilst avoiding harsh shadows and contrasts from harsh sunlight. You can find my guide to preparing for family photoshoots here.

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They say that home is where the heart is. It's the place you feel most comfortable. The place you snuggle on the lounge. The place you may sit and share stories around the dining table. I always believe that the best time of day for me to capture your story differs within every home. My advice is to think about the rooms that you'd like me to photograph within and then think about the best time of day that the light is shining in. Working near big windows will always work well, or beneath sky lights or on a porch. Feel free to reach out and discuss with me what may work best for you, I'm always here to help.

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