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Guide to preparing for your photoshoot on your Wedding Day

Right now, your brain will be feeling like a whirlwind, full of thoughts and plans, preparations and dreams and some of those will include how your photoshoot might look, so I'll keep it simple for you and leave some of my top tips for preparation

Leading up to the Day

- think about the best location for your session, whether that's at the place where the reception will be held, or elsewhere

- allow yourself time to be whisked away, when preparing your time frame for the day, pencil in approximately 2 hours for your photos

- let me know of any family dynamics

- let's make a date to scout your location/s together 

- let me know if there's anybody else to liase with, for example,

the party planner, celebrant, make up artist

On the Day

- find yourself time to relax, take a walk in your favourite spot

- think about how special your day ahead will be

- remember to breathe

- if you need some time to yourself, take it

- if you love to be around others, surround yourself with your favourite people

When I arrive

- introduce me to your most important people

- I'll take some time to scope out the light

- if you have any special jewellery, or perfume, then show me where I can find it

- let me be a fly on the wall

- if you feel anxious, remember to take some deep breaths and some time out, this is normal for anybody that's about to get married

- remember that today is about the two of you, it's going to be utterly fabulous

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