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Sisters bringing in the next generation

Ok guys, so how is it February already?

2022 is already in full swing and I promised myself that I'd begin to write blogs and share more of my stories with you. For those of you that know me, know that I love a good chat and I also used to take great joy from writing, so here goes, better late than never right?

One of my first sessions of this year, has to be one of my favourites of all time. Kylie + Lissy, sisters by bloody, best friends by choice, are both about to welcome each, a baby girl into the world. A new, super cute and possibly super mischievous generation of girls. Look out world! I met Kylie at a birthday party of a mutual friend last year and we really hit it off, chatting the London life and stories of old, her hubs James, a cheeky "Brummie" boy who had myself and my hubs in stitches all night long. Flash forward to a year later and Kylie contacts me, asking me to capture the story of her new baby, at the same time unveiling the news that her sister Lissy, is also expecting to welcome her baby into the world only a month or so later. You can imagine my delight! Squealing with excitement and imagining all that we can create together, we set up a time and day that suited us all. We decided to step down to the beach, outside of their apartment and capture the city skyline, lapping of waves and sneak in some shots of Kylie and James daughter, before her bedtime routine kicked in.

We were blessed with such a golden glow and some summer warmth and although the beach was busy, I've been able to apply some editing magic and the sister appear to be the only ones on the beach for miles around.

I watched on in admiration and captured the playfulness of the girls as they let their guard down and just enjoyed the moment, their bond is a force to be reckoned with, they shared stories of growing up together and how they both fell in love with Englishmen, who have since in turn, become the best of mates.

They also shared with me their matching tattoos. Not one but two.

Their first is the saying " Sisters by blood", tattooed on Kylie "Best friends by choice" tattooed on Lissy.

Their second, was shared with some friends of theirs for Kylies wedding day, a flock of birds along the inside of their right arm. As a flock of birds stay together, I have no doubt that the same will ring true for these two.

As the beaches became a little quieter, the girls slipped off their robes and enjoyed the lapping of the cool waves around their tummies, stirring the babies into kicking frenzies. For those of you that have carried a baby before, may remember the feeling that you're a walking oven. The Ocean is a gentle relief, especially in SE Queensland during the summer months, phew, it can feel a little hot in here even when you're not carrying a baby.

Let's be real here, it's not often in life that moments like this roll around and so for me, (and i have many other Tog friends that feel the same), it's an incredible honour to capture it. These images will be treasured and spoken about for generations to come...."My Mum", "My Aunty", "My Grandma", "My Great Aunt", these will be that start of many sentences shared as stories are unfold. This is the kind of stuff that helps me sleep in a pure slumber of joy at the end of my days. Photographs tell stories, so if you ever feel like you need your story told, pictures can speak a thousand words and I'd love to be your storyteller.

I'm going to leave you with these, Kylie and her hubs and their daughter Henrietta, who not only will have the joy of becoming a big sister, but also a big cousin and I have a wonderful feeling that she is going to master this gig, as the pommies say "good and proper".

...and there you have it, my first blog. I hope that you've enjoyed reading along and if you've got this far, then thanks for staying tuned!

Until next time, have a wonderful week, make sure you step outside and smell the roses, even the hay fever sufferers will thank me for it later.

All my Love, Zoe-Marie xx


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