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Preparing your Family for your up-coming Photoshoot

Wondering what to wear? Feeling Nervous? Can't decide on a location? Read on my friends, you are not alone....

Zoe-Marie Photography | Gold Coast Family Photographer | Gold Coast Newborn Photographer

The Styling Dilemma

You've decided that now is the time to update your family photographs, you have that big family reunion coming up or are welcoming your newest baby to the family. But you're not feeling yourself. You may have put on a little weight and are not feeling very glamorous. Your baby is keeping you up all hours of the night and you're exhausted, you have bags under your eyes and getting out of the door feels like such a chore. Trying to find a new outfit just really doesn't get you excited.

Well guess what, I have a whole client wardrobe waiting for you to peruse. It consists of lace dresses, lots of linen, floral patterns, beautiful neutrals and in a whole variety of sizes too. Once you book in a session, I will send you a guide and a link to all of your options.

It's funny, I have many families that come to me and say "we all want to wear white" and my response is "erm, okay....but would you consider maybe one or two of you wearing something a little different and throwing in some other colours to break it up?" I mean, don't get me wrong, white is wonderful, it's classic and fresh and suits all skin tones, but (and there is a but), it can also cause a huge lighting disaster, where you all merge into one. It's difficult to differentiate where one person is from the next. Even a little texture can make a difference, think lace, embroidered patterns, layers. Consider breaking it up with maybe a dusty pink skirt or sage green shorts. And don't forget, always get yourself the right underwear for the job, white can show up anything and everything....

Something else that some families ask me, is if I think it's a great idea to dress their daughter in her favourite TuTu or their son in his Dinosaur Shirt and I say, absolutely YES YES YES, you do you boo! These are the moments you want to look back on and remind your children of their favourite item in their wardrobe. I will also add this, that maybe you could dress yourself in something that isn't so loud, that doesn't stand out and it allows the focus to be on your little one. Imagine dressing yourself up in something neutral and try to steer clear of bright, bold patterns. Consider bringing along an extra outfit for your children and let them know that they can get dressed into their favourite clothes halfway through and go wild splashing in the Ocean or running in muddy puddles, that is if you're really keen on getting some shots where you're all dressed in timeless outfits.

If you already have some favourite outfits in mind, but are unsure on how to make them work together, just drop me some images or a FaceTime and we can chat through it together, it's easy peasy and I love lending a helping hand.

A way to your Children's Heart

We all know that the way to anyones heart is through food and we also know that hungry children, become hangry children. So my top tip is to always pack some snacks and feed them up beforehand. Full bellies make for playful, happy moments. You can even get them to feed you some apple or strawberries to add a little dose of cuteness to a session.

Something that I've set up a few times with my families is a picnic, I set the scene and you bring along the food. It allows everybody time to ease into the session, to feel relaxed and to settle in with each other. Imagine a golden sunset and an Ocean Breeze, sipping on your favourite glass of bubbles and nibbling on your favourite treats. It doesn't get much better than this now does it?

As well as food, some pre photoshoot rest time is a wonder, (if it is at all possible). Maybe an afternoon snooze together on the lounge beforehand or an extra long car ride to the session for the little ones to unwind and reboot. If the session is booked in close to their bedtime, consider lots of cuddles during the session and restful moments. Maybe even bringing along their favourite soft toy or snuggly.

The beauty of The Gold Coast and it's Surrounding Areas

As a Gold Coast Family Photographer, I feel so appreciative of our surrounding areas. We are blessed with beautiful stretches of sandy beaches, a hinterland full of a jaw dropping rainforest, wide open parks, vast evergreen Headlands and the warmest of skies.

I feel so fortunate that I get to photograph locals year after year as their families grow and chapters change, as well as families that are enjoying a break and are visiting the Gold Coast on vacation from all corners of the world. Once a session is booked in with me, I send a link to some of my favourite locations and there is always something to suit everyone.

Lean in and Enjoy the ride

Hopefully some of these little tips will encourage you to get excited and feel empowered for your family photoshoot. Sometimes, it's the simple things that can make our busy lives that little less complicated, but we do live in such a busy world, our minds are always on the go and it's difficult to find the clarity to think it over. So for now, take a deep breath, let it all sink in and enjoy the ride.

Oh, and if you haven't booked in a session yet...what are you waiting for? Get in touch, I can't wait to meet you,

Love, ZMP xx


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